Despite only teaching our daughter once a week, Chris really has an eye for her strengths and areas for improvement.


Working in line with the National Curriculum with a qualified teacher rather than a tutor has been a real confidence boost for our daughter with her schoolwork. Communication between Chris & the parents is faultless, after the lesson he explains clearly to parents what the lesson objectives were, how to reinforce in-class learning and help with homework. This is backed up by an email in the following days. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Chris and "Play & Learn".


Maja says that Chris is "funny, patient, helpful, if you are stuck he will always help you".

Bethan & Chris

Julie's been wonderful for Carmen, keeping her interest and raising her confidence. She is not only an experienced teacher but clearly understands how to help the children focus and feel comfortable in their learning environment.


My son has recently started with Play & Learn and Keely was very welcoming and he settled in with no problem. He is enjoying her lessons and comes out full of enthusiasm. Keely gives useful feedback after lessons too.


Play and Learn is unquestionably the best activity we have done with our four year old. She has been going for almost 2 years and as a parent I feel that through the lesson updates, we have learnt alongside her and know how to encourage and support her at home. She adores her teacher and is always excited to go to class. She has made a great group of friends and is now very confident with her phonics and blending as well as gaining confidence in writing and maths. Most importantly though, the lessons really are learning through play and I believe that by giving my daughter these associations early on, we are encouraging a love of learning that will develop throughout her life. I am looking forward to enrolling my youngest daughter as soon as she is old enough.


My daughter said, “I love learning, best of all is learning about heavy and light and 3d shapes like sphere. Chris is so much fun and I like having a song and a snack and chasing Marvin (Chris’s hand puppet) when he eats our letters”. Isobel 4 years old.


Jac loves coming to see his tutor Kathy and his confidence is great now!


Play & learn is great for learning & fun. We had Keely and she’s just great with my 4 year old daughter, she not only makes learning fun but also interesting. Plus you get to use the big play area after the educational hour..... now that can't be bad for any kid.


Alexis has worked very hard with Sam in both the traditional sense of finding gaps in his knowledge and patiently teaching strategies to help fill these gaps, but also very importantly in his confidence and attitude to learning. She has helped him to see the power of a "can do" attitude and to believe in himself. He is motivated to achieve and benefits from the small group targeted work. He takes part happily every week and was particularly proud of the knock-on effect "Play and learn" had to his school report! Thank you Alexis! 


Sureena has been attending Play and Learn for 1 year now. She looks forward to her sessions with excitement. Chris is remarkable with the kids and parents; he has always shown great interest in every individual and offered advice to enhance Sureena's learning journey. His knowledge and experience is demonstrated in the confidence and willingness to learn the children display. We cannot wait for our younger son to join. Best decision we made.


My daughter was one of Keely's first pupils that she taught at Play and Learn and I confess to being a little anxious about how it would work out. However, her engaging, patient and innovative approaches to learning meant that not only did my daughter enjoy her classes but Keely found a way for her to learn and develop skills without realising it. Keely's approach is to make learning fun - she shared tips with parents that I've used at home and will continue to use to support and encourage my daughter through primary school.


For me, the talent of a teacher can be judged by how their children perform, there is no doubt Keely has made a massive improvement in my daughter's literacy and numeracy skills. I am also very grateful for her pastoral duties.


Chris has been teaching our children since reception and then into Year 1. From the outset, it was clear to me that Chris has a genuine interest in the best for my children's progress. Chris very quickly grasps at what point the child is and can then tailor a development plan accordingly. In addition, he has recommended some great cards to help with their reading skills and at the same time makes the whole experience a very enjoyable one. Recommended!


My child started Play and Learn at the age of 3 years 5 months just for an extra helping hand for his counting and phonics after being recommended by family friend. He straight away warmed to Chris and his hand puppet Marvin.


Now after 8 months of doing these classes he has become more confident in his counting and phonics and also I have noticed a big difference in his pencil grip and writing skills. He also has made friends through this and enjoys the play session after the class and loves going every week to meet Marvin and count and do educational activities with him and Chris. These classes are excellent to help reinforce the teaching my son gets at nursery as Chris follows the school teaching system too. 


Chris has been tutoring Charlie, Hannah and Gabrielle for over 5 years now. He came recommended through a friend and has been a fantastic support to our children. Chris has a way of making their lessons fun whilst enhancing and increasing their confidence in both Maths and English. We have no hesitation in recommending him, hence his appointment as our Head of Education.

From Play & Learn owners Lyn Presence and Wendy Attwood

I have had the good fortune to have had Mr Paul as a teacher for my child for two years and I would be surprised if I were to meet a more dedicated and inspiring teacher. Mr Paul has the innate skill of getting the very best from a child because they want to do their best. He stretched my child to the very best of her ability but by having enormous fun along the way. Not only do the children have great fun with him and want to deliver their best for him but he also commands great respect.

Kay Eldridge (Daughter at St. Mary’s CofE Primary School, Rickmansworth)

Just got back from another lesson with Chris. He has been a fantastic tutor for my son who is happy to go every week. Not only is he really helping him but I get to have a lovely cup of coffee and my youngest son enjoys the soft play whilst we wait.

Georgina Lesser

My daughter has been attending Achieve & Succeed at Play & Learn from September 2013 for maths tuition with Chris. Since starting his lessons, my daughter has progressed a considerable amount. Chris manages to explain topics in a way that my daughter can understand and remember. She will be taking her GCSEs next year (2015) and the help and support that Chris has given her so far has not only helped her to improve academically but has also helped her confidence and self-esteem. A big thank you to Chris and the team at Play & Learn.

Susanne Chesney

I would like to say a few words about Alexis based on our own experience over the last year since Eric has been in her class. I remember the first day when Eric was reluctant to go and was crying and clinging to me, but Alexis obviously has experience of working with children with special needs and she just dealt with the whole situation very professionally. After a few classes, Eric started just running straight to the class with just one little toy in his hand. He was also enjoying the classes too and was quite eager even to complete the homework. The class is a bit mixed with children with different abilities and Alexis meets each child's needs individually. 


She also gives very thorough feedback after class as well by email and her hints and tips are very helpful.


We are quite happy with Eric's progress too and looking forward to attend the class this year.


Kathy is a brilliant teacher! She focuses on all individual children and their learning abilities and what they need to improve on. As a parent, I was very anxious and thought maybe my daughter, who had just turned 3 at the time, was too young to start lessons but my daughter has loved Play & Learn from the very beginning! Kathy made her feel very comfortable and welcomed her within the small group of children she was teaching. It's been the best thing I have done for my daughter and she has learned a lot, also her speech and pronunciation has improved by a mile! Thank you to Play & learn and to Kathy for her consistent patience and hard work with the children.


I would like to say that in the short time Liam has been going to play and learn he comes out of his lessons very happy and talks enthusiastically about what he's learnt. I've noticed he seems more confident and focused when I help him with his school and Play & Learn homework and is actually starting to enjoy it!


From my point of view, I find the update at the end of each lesson very helpful as it gives me the chance to find out exactly what Liam has been learning about and what we can be focussing on at home.


Julie is a very thorough and understanding teacher. My daughter spent 1 year in her Reception class and enjoyed every moment of it. The lessons were tailored to meet her needs but most of all, great fun. She got the chance to play with her younger brother in the play area after each lesson which was an added bonus. The feedback after each lesson was quite detailed for continued learning at home. 


Thanks again Julie for your positive impact on my daughter’s early stage learning.


I would like to say a big thank you to Chris and his team for the hard work during the last term. My son, Nicholas enjoyed his Play & Learn sessions very much as, for a 3 year old, we were looking for some sort of activity to improve his learning, phonics, literacy and maths. We are very pleased with all of his achievements in the past few months and every day we recommend those sessions to anyone with children. Everything is very organised and the learning is appropriate to their age development. I know by the time Nicholas will start Reception, he'll be well prepared, he will know his letter sounds and numbers at least up to 100. Thank you again!

Elena & Viorel

My son started with play & learn at the end of 2015 and has attended lessons weekly ever since. I really can't compliment Keely enough for how she tailors the learning to each of the children. My son has learnt so much since starting Play & Learn and has gained so much confidence with his letters, numbers & phonics. Keely is a wonderful teacher whom my son has grown very keen of. I highly recommend this form of fun education to any parent wishing to excel their child's confidence in maths & English. A truly wonderful way for any child to learn in a fun environment.


I cannot compliment Alexis enough. She has been fantastic with our daughter. She is patient, kind and very supportive. We always get feedback and she goes that extra mile. She is outstanding.


Chris is very experienced in both Primary & Secondary School Education, his lessons are well structured & in line with the current curriculum. It’s a breath of fresh air to see alternative teaching methods being used effectively. The icing on the cake is that my sons get to play after their lessons - they never complain about going to Play & Learn!


Adam has been coming to "Play and Learn" for several months. He is enthusiastic and motivated to attend. He enjoys challenges which are often beyond the level he would be given at school and he enjoys the structure of "Play and Learn" as he feels rewarded every week when he is able to play! Thank you to Chris for his detailed feedback both orally and via e mail after every session, as a parent you feel involved at every stage of your child's learning and know how to support your child at home.


Keep up the good work Chris and team!


Chris is a great teacher; brilliant at engaging children and helping them to leave a session having fully grasped the concept being taught.  Adam has enjoyed his lessons, feeling confident and sometimes pushed further when necessary. Like most boys his age, he is not keen on working outside of school but he was adamant he wanted to continue at Play and Learn. I'm sure the play aspect also helped his decision!


Olinda has really enjoyed her Play & Learn classes with Chris and Keely. We have seen her come on leaps and bounds with her phonics and basic maths knowledge. The classes are really fun and interactive and she has made some nice friendships along the way as well. I thoroughly recommend Chris's classes for all children to support them in school, whilst boosting their confidence and self-esteem. These classes are a must for all parents!!!

Richard and Sabrina

My daughter’s progress and confidence in Maths has grown enormously over the last year since having lessons with Chris. The tutor sessions he has provided have had such an impact on her confidence, that I feel this has helped her with her other studies as her self-belief has grown. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Christine Pickles, Hertfordshire (Daughter at Abbots Hill School, Hemel Hempstead)

Our son has benefited greatly from having Mr Paul as his teacher for the past two years. His engaging inclusive style of teaching has been fantastic and the examples and experiences that he uses to bring difficult subjects to life have aided both understanding and development. As parents we have been well supported and worked well together with Mr Paul to get the best from our son.

Julie and Jason Delicata (Son at St. Mary’s CofE Primary School, Rickmansworth)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chris Paul. My grandson has been attending Play & Learn sessions and we have just had parents evening and I’m delighted that his teacher has seen huge progress particularly in his phonics work. Up until he started at the Play & Learn sessions, he was struggling in school but through Chris’s teaching methods he has found new enthusiasm. His confidence with phonics has also grown thanks to Chris. Well done Play & Learn for introducing the scheme and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a child that needs that extra boost.

Joanne Pellow

I am amazed and so thankful. Alicia’s latest assessment result has increased so much. She has a huge grin on her face. Her teacher called her to his office to tell her and said that her maths was definitely getting better. He then went on to praise you. She has been told to go and see the head of maths tomorrow as he wants to congratulate her. Thank you so much. I know it’s only one assessment but thank you again.

Cheryl Sloper


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