How much does it cost?
£10 per lesson for Nursery classes, £14 per lesson for Reception, £18 per lesson for Year 1 – Year 9 and £20 per lesson for GCSE (Years 10 – 11).

How many in a class?
Maximum of 8 children per class and where we near that upper limit, we endeavour to add teaching assistants so the adult to child ratio remains very low.

How does Play and Learn help with exams and homework?
Because our teachers are fully qualified and very experienced, everything that we teach your child will match perfectly to the school curriculum which means that their homework will become easier as they become more confident with every topic in maths and English. Your child will also get the opportunity to practise test papers which are very similar to the ones that schools use which will help prepare them for tests and end of year assessments as well as their formalised exams.

Can you help with GCSEs and SATs?
Yes, topic by topic, your child will gain confidence in every area of maths and English which, coupled with our exam papers, will ensure that your child has the best chance possible of passing their SATs and GCSEs.

Do classes run throughout the year?
Our classes are run in line with the local school terms and our holidays are in the same place. There are 3 terms per year; Autumn, Spring and Summer, totaling 38 weeks across the year.

How is a student taught?
Lessons are taught in small groups by a qualified teacher following the school curriculum to support your child’s academic progress. We combine a range of different activities to make our lessons enjoyable and ensure that every technique that we teach your child will be able to be used immediately in school.

Will work be given during the lesson to be done at home?
We do set homework but this is usually only a few minutes practise with the younger children and up to about 20 – 30 minutes with the older ones. The homework that we set follows on from what the children have done in class and will normally involve finishing an exercise.

Does any support need to be provided at home?
The children should leave the lesson knowing exactly what they have to do for homework but our class teachers will explain any homework to the parents during their feedback at the end of the lesson. Children from Year 1 upwards will also get a homework diary to note what their homework is.

Can I pay weekly?
Lessons are paid termly in advance by direct debit only.

Where are the locations?
We are opening new centres in your area soon! Click the ‘Find a Centre’ tab for a list of our current centres.

When do lessons take place?
Nursery lessons are held in the afternoons on weekdays (normally 1pm and 2pm) and on Saturdays. Lessons for Reception aged children and older are held after school and on Saturdays, please contact us for more details on class times at the centre in your area.

Do you accept child care vouchers?
Unfortunately we don’t.