English Tuition


Looking for English Tuition? Our English tutors will help your child to be inspired and confident with their language skills. Whether it's reading or writing, our tuition is aimed at helping your child to grow and develop.

Our English tuition services are available for all age groups. The type of tuition and learning that we provide does vary depending on the age of your child. Here's a quick overview of the lessons that we provide for each age group:

3-4 Year Olds - Fun to Learn

Focusing on developing Early Learning Goals, our lessons include a fun literacy game which targets a specific skill that your child should attain by the end of Reception. Our phonics lessons in Nursery focus on learning the initial letter sounds (the first 26 letters of the alphabet) and, as the children become more confident, we progress to learning how to segment and blend words. We also work on pencil grip and how to write the initial letter sounds.

Learning through music has proven benefits and therefore, we incorporate songs and nursery rhymes into our lessons to support language development and learning through music.

Developing a child's imagination is key to becoming an excellent writer in the future. Therefore, every lesson has a story read to the children with sections that they can join in with, which help develop reading and comprehension skills.

5 Year Olds - Fun to Learn

This class follows on from our Nursery lessons and supports your child's development as they move through Reception and on to Key Stage 1. Phonics in Reception works on all of the two and three letter blends and helps children not just to read the words, but to write them and spell them correctly.

Writing in Reception focuses on developing initial sentences which gradually become more complex as the year progresses. We also work on punctuation (capital letters and full stops) as well as making sure that what they've written makes sense.

6-7 Year Olds - Play and Learn

Play and Learn for 6-7 year olds focuses on developing the skills that your child will learn as they progress through Years 1 and 2. Our classes include comprehensive phonics lessons reinforcing the initial sounds and moving on to learning all blended sounds using the nationally accredited scheme Read Write Inc. Spelling games and activities are used in our lessons (designed alongside Read Write Inc), to support your child in learning to read and spell the high frequency words. We provide reading lessons using our Read Write Inc comprehension books and provide techniques and strategies that parents can use when reading with their child at home. Each fiction and non-fiction book is beautifully written and illustrated, containing key vocabulary and words that follow the phonics blends that your child will learn.

Writing in Years 1 and 2 focuses on developing more complex sentence constructions, adventurous vocabulary and making sure that their grammar and punctuation are all correct. We use a variety of fiction and non-fiction topics so that your child will be confident writing in either genre.

As children near the end of Year 1, we'll help them to get ready for their phonics screening check and, as they near their end of year tests in Year 2, we'll assist them with SATs paper practise.

8-9 Year Olds - Play and Learn

Play and Learn for 8-9 year olds is focused on developing the skills that your child will learn in Years 3 and 4. The lessons that we provide include reading comprehension activities to promote fluency and understanding of the texts that they'll study. Our written activities match closely to the National Curriculum in a variety of genres to enable your child to become an enthusiastic and confident writer. We'll work on complex sentence constructions, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs and their flow of writing so that stories flow nicely from one plot line to another and non-fiction written work conveys the information and points that the children would like to make in a coherent manner.

We also have extension activities for gifted and talented children.

10-11 Year Olds - Play and Learn

Play and Learn for 10-11 year olds will support your child as they prepare for their Year 6 SATs exams and secondary transfer. Each class will focus on the English skills that your child will need to learn in order to become a confident writer. Each writing lesson will teach your child how to write in a variety of genres, developing a greater flow and complexity to their work. Your child will also have SATs paper practise to help familiarise them with typical questions that arise, whilst also teaching them exam techniques to build up their confidence.

11-14 Year Olds - Step up to Learn

Our Step up to Learn classes are designed to support your child as they transition into secondary school and through to Year 9. Each class will teach them the English skills that they'll need to know as they progress through Years 7-9, in both language and literature, enabling your child to become an excellent writer whilst also developing their skills of analytical thinking necessary to fully understand and appreciate the texts that they will study. The English tuition that we provide will be in all of the key topics that your child will need to learn in Key Stage 3. We'll also assist your child with English exam paper practise, exam techniques and revision support.

14-16 Year Olds - Achieve and Succeed (GCSE)

Each of our classes consists of a careful blend of teaching, examination practise using past papers and confidence building. Our English GCSE tuition classes are designed to complement your child's teaching at school and help them to catch up on topics that they've found difficult or reinforce and embed what has already been taught, extending them to the highest level possible. Small group tuition enables our teachers to spend time going over topics in greater detail than larger school classes allow. All of our students are provided with lesson notes which can be collated into a revision file, along with examples of questions that commonly come up in exams. Your child will also be given access to a variety of practise papers as well as online tutorials.

So as you can see, we are able to support children of all ages with their English. Our English tutors can help your child to understand English in such a way that they are able to apply their skills to a range of genres with confidence and, with any areas that need improvement, we'll guide and support your child until they become confident with them.

We aspire to help every child to maximise their potential and grow in confidence. Whether it's GCSE tuition or they're just starting at nursery, Play and Learn can help your child become a confident writer and reader.