8-9 years

Play and Learn for 8-9 year olds - £18 per class

Play and Learn for 8-9 year olds focuses on developing the maths, reading and writing skills that your child will learn as they progress through Years 3 & 4. Each class will teach a key skill that your child will then have the opportunity to practise in a variety of activities.

Each lesson will have some or all of the following elements:

  • Written activities closely matched to the National Curriculum in a variety of genres enabling your child to become an enthusiastic and confident writer.
  • Reading comprehension activities to promote fluency and comprehension of the texts that they’ll study.
  • Maths activities practising all of the key skills that your child will need to know. These will be carefully differentiated allowing children of all abilities to grow in confidence in every area of maths.
  • Mental maths activities and test practise.
  • Times tables games and activities.
  • Extension activities for gifted and talented children.
  • Specialist support for children with special educational needs.

After each lesson, the parents are talked through a comprehensive summary of the lesson as well as guidance on additional activities that they could do with their child at home. Each 50 minute lesson includes a snack and drink and one hour’s free play (on the day of their lesson). Classes are payable termly in advance, at a cost of £18 per session.