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Chris Paul - Head of Education

My name is Chris Paul and I’m the Head of Education at Play and Learn.

I truly believe that we can make a difference to your child/children’s education and I very much look forward to working alongside you.

About me
I have 17 years teaching experience across all age ranges in Primary School and have tutored children all the way through to GCSE in maths and English.

I hold three degrees: a BA Hons in History, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Masters Degree in Education which specialised in accelerated learning techniques for children.

My philosophy of education
In my opinion, children learn best when they feel relaxed and learn in a fun and inspirational way which is all underpinned by a comprehensive pastoral care system. Therefore, I’ve spent many years finding new and exciting ways to teach children and have developed pastoral care programmes for schools which enable children of all ages to grow in confidence, to believe in themselves and to achieve their best.

I also have great experience in supporting parents to find effective ways to help their children at home, both academically and pastorally as I feel that, when parents and teachers work effectively together, their children benefit in every way imaginable.


I have been a local Primary School teacher for the past 13 years. Prior to that I taught at a local FE College.

I have a particular interest in 'inclusion' as I really enjoy teaching literacy and numeracy to children who need different strategies to learn. To help with this I am currently studying for a Masters in Specific Learning Difficulties and I’m the SENCO of my school.

I’ve been a Primary School teacher for the last 18 years and have taught across Key Stages 1 & 2. My particular specialism is in Early Years education (Nursery and Reception) where I have spent most of my teaching career. I also had my own ballet school for 25 years where I taught children from 3-18 years old.

I love teaching younger children and helping them to take their first steps in school.

I’ve been a Secondary School teacher for the last 19 years and have taught English across all year groups from Year 7 up to and including A-Level. I have an extensive knowledge of the iGCSE, Edexcel and AQA courses for English GCSE and I’m currently the Deputy SENCO with responsibility for improving Literacy skills across Key Stage 3. I’ve also developed and implemented a phonics programme to enable students who are struggling to make progress.

I have previously held management positions within the English Department, been Head of Media and spent a number of years as Head of Year. I also hold a Masters Degree in Renaissance Literature and Critical Theory.

I’m a Primary School teacher currently teaching in Rickmansworth and have specialisms in teaching maths and English especially with Key Stage 2 children. I love to help and support children make progress, especially when they manage to overcome barriers that have previously stopped them understanding a particular topic.

As a new teacher, I’m greatly enjoying beginning my career and working with a range of children across all ability levels.

I started my career as a Nursery Nurse working in day nurseries with children under the age of 5 years old. For the last 25 years, I’ve worked in Primary Schools in Hertfordshire working with children from 3-7 years old. I’ve taught phonics, reading, writing and early maths skills for many years in the schools that I’ve worked in and I greatly enjoy seeing my youngest children growing up and achieving their potential.

I have worked in Early Years for 9 years now. For six of those years, I was a teaching assistant in my school’s Nursery and Reception classes but 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to go back to college and study to become a qualified nursery nurse. I subsequently passed my course and now have a Level 3 Diploma.

I am now a nursery nurse in a Primary School in Watford. I love my job and particularly enjoy teaching children phonics and maths, which is why I have been on many different courses to help me develop my techniques so that the children absorb what I teach them and use what they learn to begin their first stages of reading and working with numbers.  During my teaching career I have met a lot of children with all different abilities. My aim is to give every child the best start in their education and teach them the foundations they will need to go on further in their schooling.

I really enjoy working in Early Years education and have done so for the last 10 years. I have considerable experience in teaching all areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum and find working with children energising, enjoyable and very rewarding. I like teaching in a fun and interactive way and often incorporate songs, rhymes and alliterations into what the children are learning to make it memorable for them. I enjoy helping children to grow in their confidence and progress towards their own individual goals.


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